Who we are?

The AARC presents LAWHATI

A tool in the service of the arts market.

From now and on It is possible now in Algeria, to trade works of art online, via our portal «Lawhati» of sale on the Internet. This new business option – functional and smart opportunity, thanks to the digitalization and the security of the means put online, which hope to be generalized in Algeria by the various professionals and actors of the market who wish to capitalize their acquired and investment to collect works of art. Nowadays, It is obvious, that the art market must increasingly integrate these new means of online marketing to sell works of the visual arts safely and professionally. The portal «Lawhati» aims to be an innovative and practical response that will allow artists to propose works to the market without having to exhibit them physically.
As well as the portal is the mean that also allows them, to be present permanently on the gallery «Lawhati», with ease of access for the different users of this field of artistic activity.
Our portal also wants to part of the participating process in the evaluation of the cultural scope of the work created by the artists, because a work has worth only if the cultural commission recognizes it.

The Algerian Agency for Cultural Outreach.

It was created in 2005, the Algerian Agency for Cultural Outreach. It is a cultural operator in its own right since 2008. It  has the status of a Public Company with an industrial and commercial character. On behalf of the State, it is responsible for matters of public service.

Its field of action includes heritage, performing arts, music, visual arts, cinema, and literature. It organizes events and supports projects by artists, institutions, or cultural organizations, both for creation and promotion, and dissemination.

In particular, it encourages contemporary productions in which Algerian creators and authors, both in Algeria and abroad, strive to revive heritage in new expressions. – To promote the culture and arts of Algeria throughout the world, highlighting their richness and diversity on the basis of originality and quality. –

IT  welcome foreign expressions in our country and foster international exchanges between disciplines and artists based on excellence and discovery.

The agency develops exchanges and partnerships with numerous production support organizations and national and international institutions through which it participates in numerous events.

The agency would like to thank the Algerian Ministry of Culture for its trust and all its cultural partners.